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Sometimes we need to take extra steps when we verify your linked (nominated) account. This might be because you’re changing your linked account, or it might be because we couldn’t verify your account when you opened your account.

When this happens, we work with Consents.Online to verify your account through open banking. Our open banking article looks at what open banking is in a bit more depth.

We use open banking to verify your linked current account quickly and easily without you having to send bank statements to us:

We'll send an email to you with instructions.

The email will ask you to connect your current account with Consents.Online through open banking. They won’t be able to do anything with your account, they’ll simply be able to see data about your account.
To allow this connection, you’ll need to sign in to your online banking with your current account provider
Consents.Online will check that this account is registered to your name and address. Once verified, you’ll be able to transfer money to and from your linked current account.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than three minutes and is safe and secure.



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