How do I transfer my Cash ISA?

Transferring an ISA to a new Shawbrook ISA
To transfer an existing Cash ISA account from another provider across to Shawbrook, you should complete an application for a new Cash ISA. As part of your application process we will capture the details of your current Cash ISA. We will then work with your existing Cash ISA provider to complete the transfer for you.

Transferring an ISA to an existing Shawbrook account
To transfer in an ISA to an existing Shawbrook account, get in touch by secure message from your customer portal and we will work with you to complete the transfer.

Transferring from one Shawbrook ISA to another
To transfer your Shawbrook ISA to another Shawbrook ISA you just need to let us know with a secure message from your customer portal and we will complete the transfer.

Transferring an ISA from Shawbrook to another provider
In 2024, it became possible to operate more than one ISA in the current tax year.
This means you can open an additional cash ISA with another provider and keep contributing to your Shawbrook ISA.

We don't offer partial transfers, so if you wish to transfer any contributions you’ve made in the current tax year from your Shawbrook ISA to another provider, you’ll need to transfer the whole amount and close your Shawbrook ISA.

Please note, if you simply withdraw money from a cash ISA account you cannot deposit funds back into your account if the deposit amount means you exceed the maximum annual subscription allowance, and you will lose your tax free status ISA benefits.

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