When can I withdraw money from my cash ISA?

All of our cash ISAs allow withdrawals. However, any money you withdraw will lose its ISA status, and it can’t be replaced. This means that if you’ve already used your full ISA allowance, then withdrawn the money, you wouldn’t be able to add that money back into your ISA this year.

You won't be charged a fee if you withdraw money from your easy access cash ISA. There are no limits to the number of withdrawals you can make with an easy access cash ISA, but the account is subject to a minimum withdrawal amount of £500.

With our fixed cash ISAs, partial withdrawals or account closures made before the end of the fixed term are subject to a fee (also known as the early exit charge).

The amount will depend on the product you take. You’ll be able to find out what this charge is in the product summary for the product you’re interested in. If you’re already a customer, you’ll find it in the product information we sent to you when you opened your account.

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