How long do I have to deposit money into my account after I open it?

Easy access accounts and notice accounts

You can deposit money at any point, up to the maximum deposit amount.

Fixed rate accounts

You can add more money to your account as long as the product is still open for funding, up to the maximum deposit amount. When we withdraw a product, you will be able to fund it for 7 working days after we withdraw it.

You can check if a product is withdrawn by checking our savings documentation page and checking the withdrawn product list.


You can deposit money into an ISA account, even if it's a fixed term bond that's been withdrawn. You can only deposit up to £20,000 in an ISA per tax year, although you can arrange to transfer ISA funds from previous allowances into your account, subject to the maximum deposit amount.

If you opened your ISA with us before May 2018, your ISA may be closed to funding. Please contact us and we’ll be able to check if you still add funds.


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