What is confirmation of Payee?

Most banks have introduced the 'confirmation of payee' scheme which is designed to help you avoid fraud.
As part of this check, your bank will search a database of current accounts and try to verify the sort code and account number.
Because we don't operate a current account, we're not included in this scheme. This means your bank is likely to say that they can't confirm the payee and that you should be careful, and to double check you're sending money to the right place.
There's no need to worry - as long as you use the sort code 16-58-73 and enter the eight digit savings account number correctly, everything will go through fine.

If you're not sure what account number to use, you can get help on how to find your account number.

You may wish to make a small 'test' payment of £1. Once the payment has processed, you'll see it in your account.

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