How can I give you a maturity instruction online

When your fixed rate product comes to an end, we’ll let you know about the options you’ve got to take another fixed rate with us. 

We'll write to you before your account matures and let you know what your options are.

If you decide to take a new rate with us, it’s easy to tell us what you want to do, using your eSavings account. There’s no need to call or send a secure message, you can do everything right in eSavings.

You’ll have access to exclusive maturity rates only available to existing customers as well as products available through our website. When you’re choosing a new rate through eSavings, we’ve made it simple. If there’s a product with both an exclusive maturity rate and a standard rate, we’ll only show the higher of the rates.


How to give your instruction

All you have to do is go to your eSavings homepage and follow these steps:

  • Go to the product that is maturing
  • Click on the 3 dots under the column ‘Action’
  • Choose ‘Setup Maturity Instructions’
  • Pick a product from the scrollable options
  • Tell us how much you want to reinvest.

Moving to another type of product

You’ll only see maturity offers for the type of product you are currently on. You’ll need to send a message if you’d like to move:

  • From a fixed rate to an easy access or notice product at maturity
  • From a fixed rate ISA to a standard fixed rate bond
  • From a standard fixed rate bond to an ISA.

Changing your mind

You can change your mind at any time until the maturity date of your current product, and choose another product. You may want to do this if rates have increased since you gave your original instruction and you’d like to take advantage of the new rates available.


Step 1 – you’ll need to cancel the original instruction first:

  • Go to the product that is maturing
  • Click on the 3 dots under the column ‘Action’
  • Choose ‘Delete Maturity Instructions’
  • Confirm that you want to delete your instructions.

Step 2 -  set up a new instruction following the steps above under ‘how to give your instruction’.

Your request will be processed immediately, and you’ll be able to check the maturity instruction is in place. The money will be transferred to the new rate on the date your current product matures.

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